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Pillar / Offering V

During the filming process of HelAltaar II -Offerings Of The Five Senses- two additionals pictures have been taken.


Offering V



I saw the horned one, he was floating in the air
Like a pale ghost wind entwines its incensed queen.
The wreath of the red dame draws glyphs on his tongue
Pollutes and kills, the lonely land.
I saw the pale white deer riding the human’s fear
All shall remain, one disappeared.
In this cold field far from the seer.
I am the carmine fluid, I will reveal. Liquid


HelAltaar II -Offerings Of The Five Senses-

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There's a mirror in everything and in every mirrors there's a door, which one opens to other doors to an other mirror, because the great nothing is bound to the endless depth.

Created by Celine C. CIX
September MMXIII - June MMXIV

Music by The Devil's Blood
-I Was Promised A Hunt-

Special thanks to :
Anton R. & Selim L.

HELALTAAR 2012 - 2014 Copyright © Celine C. CIX




Under the celestial vault, the moon lies to the flesh.
Beast of light you bring the fire
Destroy pleasures, vanish and die
As the sun cherishes the putrid smell of life
We drink blood in the kapala of misery
Quest of life, follow the sea
When death embraces the silver ground
The time disappears
The horned sound
As a dissection of tears.