HelAltaar is a photography and video project made by Celine C. CIX The project is divided in several chapters. The videos are created around a serie of pictures, in which oneirism is the thematic. HelAltaar II “Offerings Of The Five Senses”, is the sequel of the first chapter, HelAltaar I. In addition to these two creations, the songs "Feverdance" and "I Was Promised A Hunt" of the band, The Devil's Blood, have been used in agreement with Selim Lemouchi, founder of the band. Contact : celineccix@gmail.com


HelAltaar II -Offerings Of The Five Senses-

There's a mirror in everything and in every mirrors there's a door, which one opens to other doors to an other mirror, because the great nothing is bound to the endless depth.

To watch the second chapter of HelAltaar, I invite you to follow the present link :

HelAltaar II “Offerings Of The Five Senses”, is the prolongation of the first chapter, HelAltaar I.
September to June symbolize 9 months of intense nights work.
The creative mechanism can be defined as self-hypnosis, a performance alike a long journey into the mind. 
Falling deeply between the black walls of memory and the white walls of nonexistence. 

In August 2013 it was agreed upon with Selim Lemouchi (The Devil's Blood) that the song “I Was Promised A Hunt” (extracted from the album “III : Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars”) will be used for the video.
In September 2013 the storyboard and some tests, filmed in a volcanic landscape during the summer, were sent to S.L. 

The working process was exactly the same as last year. I did not try to translate the song.
The images fit in harmony with the music, like air fuels fire. 

In December 2013, during the presentation of the album “Earth Air Spirit Water Fire” of Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies, some footage has been filmed in agreement with Selim.

His departure from this earth, struck me deeply.
But as promised, the video has been accomplished.

I do not think that there is one particular goal in art. Only the urgent need to explore and feed the daemons. Because a human being is a daemon by essence, no one, excepted oneself, can approach its own daemons.
Let the fire burn.

** * **

Created by Celine C. CIX
September MMXIII - June MMXIV

Music by The Devil's Blood
-I Was Promised A Hunt-

Special thanks to :
Anton R. & Selim L.

HELALTAAR 2012 - 2014 Copyright © Celine C. CIX




To Selim
Daemons are sleeping with you, now.

Under the celestial vault, the moon lies to the flesh

Beast of light you bring the fire

Destroy pleasures, vanish and die

As the sun cherishes the putrid smell of life

We drink blood in the kapala of misery

Quest of life, follow the sea

When death embraces the silver ground

The time disappears

The horned sound

As a dissection of tears